• flash cast spinning

    Flash Cast, Carbon Fiber Reel For Drop Shot

    Made of carbon fiber composite material, Flash Cast features a lightweight and tough frame. The CC material weights only 80% and is 170% strong compared to graphite material. With carbon drag sets, Flash Cast allows you to fish big fish with small line because of the smooth drag.
  • Dear Jacy, Sorry, i’ve a little correction, consider this as order and not the preview: 1. FALCON PEPPERS SLOW PITCH 210 80-150GR 100PCS 2. FALCON PEPPERS SLOW PITCH 210 80-150GR (ACID) 100PCS 3. FALCON PEPPERS SLOW PITCH 210 100-200GR (ACID) 100PCS I’ll wait your confirmation.

    Tempest reel – TT, Aluminum Reel

    Tempest is a metal reel for saltwater and freshwater fishing featuring a rigid and compact aluminum body, rotor and forged aluminum spool. Its gold and matt black anodized spool is equipped with carbon drag washers that generate smooth and powerful drag force up to 25 kg to fight big fish. Made of stainless steel, the main shaft and worm shaft are ...
  • anett_hungary_Elite

    Elite Fishing Carries TICA in Hungary

    TICA Fishing signed Elite Fishing as a sole distributor for Hungarian market.   Elite Fishing Ltd was founded and started business at the early 2004 as fishing a retail shop, after few years the company started to represent some foreign brands on Hungarian market and from 2009 has  worked as a wholesaler company in Hungary. Nowadays Elite Fishing has 8 persons who work ...
  • tica-uzio-gcb-fishing-godzone

    Tica Baitcast Reel Uzio GCB300H For Slow Pitch or Micro Jig

    TEST Tica Uzio BY MATHEW HEWETSON (editor “Fishing in Godzone” magazine) NEW BAITCASTER  TICA UZIO GCB 300H Tica have started to release a lot of new reels which are distributed in Godzone by Kilwell Sports and we have been impressed at their continued step up in design and features. The new Uzio GCB 300H baitcaster is another model heading in the ...
  • lets-go-big-game-fishing

    TICATEAM Reel – Let’s Go Big Game Fishing

    Wonderful weather, clean and beautiful scene in Naples Harbour, It's time to go fishing. Tica's Italian distributor, Scorziello SASA, brought us a good film performed by Mr.Giacomo Bot and Mr. Vincenzo Ostuni.  Step by step in the video, they slowed us and anglers the rods, reels and techniques of an offshore big game fishing for tunas.  This video can be found be ...
  • 2-tica-victor-tya5-jigging-reel

    Victor TYA5R Light Jigging Reel Tested Impressive

    TESTED Tica Victor TYA5R Light Jigging Reel BY MATHEW HEWETSON (editor “Fishing in Godzone” magazine) Tica reels are distributed in New Zealand by Kilwell Sports and they have traditionally sat in the mid-range of reels available on the market.  They are typically solid reels, well priced and covered by Kilwell’s Lifetime Warranty, so they are quite a good buy for ...
  • pole-fishing-china-web


    Mr. José Amorim, world champion of fishing competitions, introduced European pole fishing with Tica's latest pole rods to anglers in China. During his trip in China, he and Mr. André Amorim had an interview with Mango TV and showed pole fishing skills in Hunan, a middle China province. Mr. André Amorim, having best record silver in world cup youngs, aslo ...
  • biggam-reel-ticateam-st16

    TICATEAM Reels Win Italian Boat Fishing Championship

    Mr. Giacomo Bot, with his fishing team for the 10th edition of the Italian Championship for high sea crew. Protagonists of the day our Tica’s Ticateam Trolling reel the ST16, chosen by this professional team to participate in the event which was held in Taranto at the end of last month. The equipment proved to be the height of the ...
  • TitanClaw TC301 Debut

    Heavy Duty Bait Casting, Slow Jigging Reel Titan Claw Launched

    Designed for boat, slow jigging and light jigging, Titan Claw is the latest bait casting reel from Tica Fishing featuring a one peiece aluminum frame for toughness. Drag power reaches 15kg with micro ajustment knob making a progressive stress increase.   Product page : Bait casting reel - Titan Claw