Tica Baitcast Reel Uzio GCB300H For Slow Pitch or Micro Jig


TEST Tica Uzio

BY MATHEW HEWETSON (editor “Fishing in Godzone” magazine)



Tica have started to release a lot of new reels which are distributed in Godzone by Kilwell Sports and we have been impressed at their continued step up in design and features.

The new Uzio GCB 300H baitcaster is another model heading in the right direction for the Taiwanese based company.

This baitcaster has a very quick 7.3:1 retrieve which is ideally suited for dropping slow pitch or micro jigs and you need to recover your slack line when working the jig up off the bottom (retrieves 89cm of line for every turn of the handle). Our test reel was matched with the Kilwell XP Slow Pitch 6’3” (1.90m) 1-piece rod that is suited for jigs up to 230gm. The rod is fitted with a “cut away" trigger grip, this allows you to feel all the action through the rod blank, while the butt of the rod features a movable "Butt Ball", designed to support and protect your rod when rested in the rod holder. This quality combo is ideal for fishing slow pitch or micro jigs and feels a lightweight, well balanced set.

The Tica UZIO GCB300 has a powerful tempered brass alloy main gear and pinion, matched to a smooth carbon drag with a max setting of 15kg. There are 7 sealed, stainless RRB rust resistant bearings plus a oneway anti-reverse roller bearing for instant hook ups. This reel features a thumb bar spool release for easy casting and the spool re-engages with a turn of the handle.

Featuring centrifugal cast control to help prevent overruns when casting, plus there is a loud clicker alarm to wake you into action if you leave the rod in the holder. Combine all this with a rigid one- piece main frame that is CNC machined from forged bar stock aluminium, and it creates a very durable strong reel.

I loved the large EVA covered handle knob, such a good-sized comfortable grip for a baitcaster. We were fishing off Bream Bay in Northland and landed a few kahawai on micro jigs in a small work-up, when something bigger grabbed the jig and peeled line. It put on a good scrap and we thought it was a rat kingfish, but it soon revealed itself to be a solid 2kg+ trevally. A favourite for fresh sashimi and the reel’s drag was smooth throughout the fight, the rod folded away as designed and on such a light blank it was enjoyable fighting the tough trev.

This reel comes with a 10-year warranty and the rod has a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty, so for a $329 combo this baitcaster/jigging set has a lot to like. Other key features; 7 pcs stainless steel ball bearings sealed both sides with Rust Resistant coating, one piece aluminium frame precision machine cut, one-way clutch, high heat resistant carbon washers give, forged spool, anodized to protect from corrosion, 6-pin centrifugal brake control system, micro click adjustable star drag, adjustable handle length, loud line out alarm, quick removable side plate, high strength brass alloy main gear, titanium coated line guide insert. 

Key Specs


+ Weight: 370gm

+ Ratio: 7.3:1

+ Capacity: PE 2.0 / 400m

+ Max Drag: 15kg

Tica Uzio GCB300H