Crank Oscillating System

TICA's crank oscillating system winds the line evenly by creating less line friction. It helps the reel cast longer distances and improves the performance of the fishing line.




Worm Shaft System

Precision-cut worm shaft system significantly improves smoothness and even line winding.


 Anti-Twist Rotor

Unique anti-twist rotor resolves the problem of line twists commonly found in spinning reels.


Intelligent Oscillating System

Intelligent Oscillating System (I/O) is TICA's latest design for superior line winding system. It simplified the complexities of the even line winding function of the worm shaft system and combined it with the durability and reliability of the old oscillating gear system.


 Waterproof Device

TICA has introduced rubber seals on the drag knobs and clutch bearings to prevent corrosive saltwater elements from infiltrating into the inner parts of the reel.


 Computer Balanced Rotor

The rotor is balanced by using the latest computer technology.


Quick Maintenance

This unique design makes maintenance easier without any tool at hand.  



Cybernetic Frame System

The cybernetic integrated frame system is a newly designed spinning reel body developed by TICA's innovative engineers. This technological breakthrough provides anglers with a reel that has greater balance and durability.




Centrifugal Brake System

The Centrifugal Brake System controls the turning rate of the spool by adding or reducing the attached brake collars to the spool.


 Dual Drag System

TICA's dual drag system is built with durable graphite washers. The drag washers can withstand the heat and pressure of fighting big fish.



2 Speed System

The low gear provides maximum cranking power while high gear allows fast retrieve, both of which are necessary for fighting with trophy fish.



Multi Anti-Reverse

Multi anti-reverse system is designed with many stops to spread the point of impact caused from violent hook sets. This feature reduces the timing of the anti- reverse action and extends the lifespan of the reel.



Lever Drag

Quick drag adjustment-conveniently adjusts the drag set position by pushing the lever up or down. TICA's lever drag surface is much larger than any other lever drag reels of similar size.



Star Drag

The newly design star-shaped drag control system provides a convenient and sensitive drag system. These features allow the angler to achieve the desired drag performance by simply turning the drag system with only one finger.




Quick Remove Sideplate

Easy to remove sideplate for changing spools or maintenance.



Aluminum Rotor

The aluminum alloy rotor has been specially engineered to provide superior strength.



Aluminum Body

The body frame is made of lightweight and very durable alloy materials.






Instant Anti-Reverse

Instant anti-reverse is designed for a solid hook set by using an impact absorbent one way clutch roller bearing.